Our Products: Our Mission
" To serve the needs of our clients in gaining a competitive advantage by harnessing technology. "
  Magnetic Transformer(outdoor)
  NT-OUT General model(big)
  NT-OUT Gerneral model(small)
  T1530 SASO certificated model
  T30 UL listed model
  TH5-NT CE certificated model
  Magnetic Transformer(indoor)
  NT-IN Gerneral Model(big)
  NT-IN Gerneral Model(small)
  Electronice Neon Transformer
  LED waterproof Power Supply
  Neon Tubing
  Color Glass Tubing
  Cold Cathode Tubing
  Powder Coated Glass Tubing
  Neon Tube Support
  Steel plus Plastic Tube Support
  Glass Tube Support
  Polycarbonate Tube Supports
  Neon Tube Electrode(Pyrex Glass)
  Neon Tube Electrode(Lead Grass)
  Electrode Cover
  PVC Silicone Electrode Cap
  Silicone Electrode Splice Cap